Improving quality

of life for

Cape Breton cats


FAACS depends entirely upon volunteers to carry out our mandate. We have volunteer opportunities in the following areas:
  • Trapping – involves humanely trapping cats, keeping them over night before surgery, taking them to their veterinarian appointments, picking them up after surgery, keeping them over night again, and then returning them to their colony.
  • Shelter Building – involves gathering materials through donations from individuals and local suppliers; building shelters; and delivering shelters to colony caretakers.
  • Food Donations– involves gathering cat food donations from individuals, local suppliers and drop-off locations; and delivering donations to colony caretakers.
  • Fundraising – involves brainstorming ideas to raise money, selling 50/50 tickets, gathering donations for raffle and auction items, helping at fundraising events such as car washes, dances, and auctions.
  • Public Outreach & Education – involves developing and maintaining materials to raise awareness and educate the public about homeless cat overpopulation and TNR, delivering presentations to schools and public groups, and when opportunities arise, coordinating education efforts with other local animal welfare groups.
  • Marketing, Web Design & Social Media – involves designing flyers, posters and other materials for print and electronic distribution, maintaining the FAACS website, and posting updates and answering inquiries on the FAACS Facebook page.
  • Join our Board of Directors – involves conducting all administrative requirements, ensuring that the mission and goals are being achieved, and making operational decisions in the best interests of the society, with accountability to the membership.

If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers, please e-mail us at